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Today, more than 150,000 Grace Ministries Study Bibles in Telugu are in print. Due to demand more are being printed. An English version is available, but almost out of print. This is only the beginning. Study Bibles are urgently needed in India’s 14 major languages each spoken by millions of people.

Has the GM Study Bible made any difference?

“There are a lot of churches, but the Word is missing,” says Pastor Bhupathy Rao.  “You can bring the Word.”  This is what Grace Ministries is doing.

The GM Study Bible is a response to a vital spiritual need. Similarly, Grace Ministries is responding to other challenges, motivated and empowered by the love of God channeled through His people.

India ranks second as the most populated country in the world, standing at one billion people and counting. The majority does not know English. Even most English-speaking believers cannot afford expensive study Bibles and reference books published in the West. In addition, large numbers of Pastors have little or no theological training.  Easy access to the GM Study Bible is a priceless resource for them.

It warms our heart to report that the Patriarch of a religious family dealing in business, came to Christ. Someone gave him a GM Study Bible to help him grow in his faith. Today, before dinner, the old father calls the entire family together and they read from the GM Study Bible. One by one, the family members have accepted the Lord and are growing in Christ. They continue their textile business while openly professing their faith in Christ.  A difficult and unsafe practice especially in their locality, but they press on! Their shop has Scripture verses inscribed on the walls, their bills and carry bags. A well used and well marked GM Study Bible is openly read and displayed in the shop, drawing the attention of customers to the Savior.

The GM Study Bible is a response to a vital spiritual need. Similarly, Grace Ministries is responding to other challenges, motivated and empowered by the love of God channeled through his people.




"I installed it on my Android phone when we met last October.  At the time I had two other Bible apps on my phone.  Now the Grace Ministries Study Bible has become my primary Bible app for personal use and as a resource in the mid-week Bible study group from our church that I facilitate.  When I have questions about a passage, I typically turn to Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, the NIV Study Bible or William McDonald's Believers Bible Commentary. I find the Grace Ministries Study Bible as helpful as the resources I just listed.  It is very helpful to get the most out of the passage and answer questions that arise.  I also am pleased with the user interface.  The commentary is easy to access and also, it is easy to return to the text after reading the commentary.  Thank you for providing such a useful resource.”

- John Ferguson, Toronto, Canada
English Study Bible




Forty-year-old Aaharon is a self-made village pastor, like many in India today. He shepherds a congregation of 50 people in a remote village in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh. For 13 years he taught his people as best as he could, without Bible college education and biblical resources of any kind. Then one day, a pastor in the GM network introduced him to the GM Study Bible. Today, Aaharon uses the Study Bible to properly understand the Word of God and prepare his Sunday sermons. His preaching has been transformed. He explains and interprets in context. He knows the cross-references, balancing scripture with scripture. The result is a congregation that knows their Bible better. Some members have commented on the positive change in their Pastor’s teaching content and the impact on their lives.

- Aaharon, South India
Telugu Study Bible



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