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Oriented for shepherd’s with little or no theological training and no access to biblical resources. This helps them teach, preach, and disciple those in their care, who are largely first generation followers of Christ. 

India is home to billion people, with more than 22 major language groups. It makes all the difference for people to study the Word in their own mother tongue. The Great I AM enabled GM to translate the Study Bible into Urdu, Arabic, Nepali, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Odiya, Marathi, and Hindi languages. The Telugu and English Study Bibles are available in printed versions By His grace. Forthcoming versions: Hindi OT, Marathi, Malayalam and Kannada  we plan to print Kannada and Malayalam Study bibles and record the Telugu OT text from the middle of this year. 

What have you got to do with this?

Plenty, if you want to share Christ and impact lives in the biggest democracy outside the your country. The revised English study Bible will be ready for printing. It will cost $7.25 per copy with a minimum print run of 3000 copies.

Like the Telugu Study Bible, this one-time in­vestment will be self-perpetuating. Subsequent printing will be covered from the sale of these study Bibles, which sell a little above the landing cost. 1900 plus pages study Bible for $8.06.




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